About the Festival

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Media Festival „Man in Danger”, which is organised by the Film Museum in Lodz, focuses on the most interesting documentaries concerning threats facing modern man.

We present global risks noticed by artists such as fear of strangers, rejection of otherness, international conflicts and personal problems – coping with disability, the past or transsexuality. We show these issues through presentation of invited films from Poland, Europe and the World, as well as through discussion with their authors and the documentary characters. Admission to all screenings and other events is free of charge.

‚Man in Danger’ Festival presents films concerned with integration, conflicts, complexity of problems resulting from co-existence which through their content and form stimulate discussions, challenge stereotypes and black-and-white perception of the world, as well as make us think and open to the Other. These films make us understand that multiculturalism is a living tissue where nothing is defined once and for all. They encourage us to try to understand and reach and an agreement, to try to overcome prejudice, ignorance or simple indifference. We want to show contemporary “Promise lands” in a wider economic, ideological and psychological aspect.

During the Festival films compete for the Grand Prix and the White Cobra statuette. The films chosen by the selection committee win financial awards (founded among others by the City of Lodz, Polish Filmmakers Association, National Centre for Culture). Documentaries are reviewed by jury – renowned filmmakers.

Media  Festival ‚Man in Danger’ in Lodz is one of the oldest festivals of documentaries in Poland. The festival was first held in 1990 immediately after the system transformation in Poland. We would like our Festival to promote the idea of openness to another human being, positive perception of otherness, reflection upon our personal future as well as the future of the world around us. And we would also like to show outstanding films which touch on such issues.